US Skateboard Competitions You Need to Look Out for

Skateboarding has not actually been identified as an official sport. However, over the years with its increasing popularity and demand for global competitions, the skate community has successfully made it to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics as one of the events. With 3 more years still to wait, there are still many skateboarding competitions held in the US.

TWS Come Up Tour

First started as a popular skate magazine since 1983, TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine decided to make a competition. Given its popularity in the skating world, many amateurs try their chances here to climb up the ranks. Pool prizes are huge as well the numerous sponsors the competitions has. Finalists get to be featured in the magazine and get free entrance to the Tampa Competition as well.

Tampa Pro

For the elites and professional skaters, Tampa Pro should be their destination. Although despite the competition, it gives a more friendly atmosphere as if it is a local hangout. There are no big prizes of any sort and this is mostly a competition to make connections with the pro skaters and even the most influential names in the industry.

Red Bull Donner Downhill

Obviously sponsored by Red Bull, this is the perfect event for the thrill-seekers. The event features an extreme race where skateboarders travel downhill along the Sierra Nevada Mountains at speeds up to 50mph.

X Games

Possibly the most famous competition held over different cities across the United States, ESPN’s X Games has been dubbed as the Olympics for extreme sports. It happens twice a year but skateboarders obviously attend the one not held during the winter.

Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon

As anyone can imply from the name itself, this skateboard marathon is perfect for anyone looking for that adrenaline rush. While other competitions feature the ability to do complicated tricks, this is more about the endurance. The event is even more laid-back that parents can bring their families to watch skateboarders race up to 26.3mph to the finish line.

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