Many people look forward to winter for one thing: ice skating. With everything frozen, there is no need to go to artificial skating rinks around town. All anyone has to do is just go outside and check out the lakes, rivers or trails and they are good to go. Here are some place people from Ontario can try out for some skating.

The Burlington Pond

Located along the North Service Road, people can enjoy the natural vicinity. No lockers, no food stalls, nothing but them and ice.

Lake Scugog

For sports, Lake Scugog is easily many people’s top destination. People come here to play ice hockey, go snowmobiling, and even fat-tire motorbiking.

St. Clair Pond

Students of St. Clair College would know that at any winter night, this place becomes an instant hit for romantic skating. The place gets lit up by different colors.

Valens Lake Trail

Perfect as a camping activity, the Valens Lake Trail is located near a campsite. The skating loop gives people a mini tour within the thick forest while skating.

Pearl Lake

Located in Timmins, people can try skating at the frozen Pearl Lake. It is beside McIntyre, an old mining company, but is also surrounded by different pines and trees.

Mill Pond

Aside from Lake Scugog, Mill Pond is where the competitive players go to. Home to many tournaments, people gather here to watch people play and even skate leisurely afterward.

Island Lake

Unlike many, Island Lake provides two ways or paths to skate in. They could skate in the circular rink, or if they are tired of going in loops, they could always take 1km skate trail.

Gage Park

Already known to many people of Brampton, skating along their ice path gives people another way to go around the park. Instead of taking a stroll, they would be skating.