Where to Get the Best Skating Gear

Getting the best gear for any sport has always been the trend. Although the quality of equipment does not translate to skill, having good gear always helps whether in practicing or competing. With the numerous brand and kinds available, choosing one is not an easy task. That said, here are some places where skaters can check for equipment.

ProSkaters Place

With online shops being more frequent, ProSkaters decided to take theirs to the world wide web as well. Customers can easily browse through their wide selection of gear. Going to their website will show the different categories customers can browse through. For those who know the brands already, they can check under the brands tab. There is also a tab for protective gear and accessories as well as another tab for their discounted equipment. The rest of the tabs are for the different sports. They have inline skates, roller skates, kick scooters, boards, and winter sports gear in general. They provide shipping and cost no charge if customers reach $99. All of their equipment can be returned or exchanged within 60 days from date of purchase.

Bad Girlfriend Skates

Bad Girlfriend Skates are more specific with their merchandise. They sell specific parts allowing customers to possibly build their own board or skates and offer packages for these. Uniforms and clothes incuding t-shirts, tank tops, and even socks appropriate for skating are also sold here. The shop also has an online store as well. For customers who want to try the equipment out first, they can head down to their physical shop open on Fridays and Saturdays.


For skaters who want to build their own board or skates but do not know how to, RollerSkatin provides an online guide on the specific parts and how to assemble them. While at it, they also provide the prices to give an estimate on how much the finish product will cost. Parents looking for equipment for their kids can easily find them here as well.

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