The 10 Best Skateparks in Canada

Skateboarding is definitely a more fun and efficient way to get from one place to another. While some use it for the utility and efficiency, most would still use it solely because it is fun. Sooner or later, they will start learning cool tricks then go to ramps and do even more tricks. While there aren’t many skateparks or ramps for that matter, there are still good places to meet fellow skaters and do some flips and ollies.

Gleneagles Skatepark (Vancouver)

Skaters could go try their full speed at their open bowl. They have 3 other bowls interconnected that range from 4 to 8ft. Reaching below the lip could already be fun, but for those looking for a challenge, the different spines and hip transfers should definitely test them.

Port Colborne ‘Algoport’ Skatepark (Ontario)

The pavements, stair sets, ramps, railings, and almost everything here is varied. They have flat and ramped pavements, round and square or flush stainless coping, grind-able railings, boxes with curved cut-aways, ledges, a 7-riser staircase, high-drop ramps, and so many more. There is even a place for spectators to watch the professionals do their tricks.

Kensington Skatepark (Vancouver)

For people looking for a simple skatepark, with a high ramp, the Kensington Skatepark would be the best choice. The pool-like place is 9.5ft deep but for beginners they have a shallow end at 5ft. On the sides, there are ledges and small ramps.

Banff Skateboard Park (Alberta)

The Banff Skateboard Park may seem smaller compared to the others but it provides avenues for skaters to practice any kind of trick on their ramps, railings, ledges and etc. Currently, it is being renovated and will be done on September of this year.

Parkgate Skatepark (Vancouver)

Possibly the smallest on the list, the Parkgate Skatepark is similar to the Banff. However, they have 4 to 6ft bowl areas with spines and hips that are linked. In addition, skaters can also try the a street area with banks, rails, and pyramids.

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