NYC Ice Skating Rinks for All Seasons

Undeniably, Winter is the best season for some ice skating. Some people, however, just can’t get enough and fortunately for them, there are ice skating rinks open on any season for people in the Big Apple.

Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers

NHL fans will especially know this place. With NHL-sized rinks, people can play hockey as if they were actually competing in a professional league. After all, that is what Chelsea Piers is all about; getting to play sports whatever the season. Young aspiring hockey players can even join their training programs and possibly even their youth leagues.

People can rent skates and equipment if they needed to. Of course, people are allowed to skate leisurely without needing to play. Guests can even hold birthday parties for both kids and adults if they wish to do so. The best part about the Sky Rink is that unlike most indoor rinks, Sky Rink feels more natural.

World Ice Arena

From beginners to pros, when it comes to learning how to skate, this could easily be their first choice. Skating (whether hockey or figure skating) stars are made here with their extensive lessons. Parents can even enroll their kids to their program online.

There are private lessons, off ice training, figure skating clinics, and competitions held here. Their sessions are open daily and to all ages. Shows and theatre productions are also held here as well and are all done on ice.

Staten Island Skating Pavilion

The Staten Isand is probably the only one open all-year round. Anyone looking to lose weight or gain muscle in a fun way could enroll in their figure skating lessons or open-hockey sessions. They have separate clinics for both adults and children.

They have their own tournaments as well made for their students. Some high school even have their leagues here. On Sundays, the rink is open to the public. Parents can avail a Bobby for their kids.

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