Learn Basic Ice Skating in 5 Steps

Ice skating is the most quintessential activity during the summer. Learning how to ice skate, however, can be hard for first-timers. Even those who regularly skate on roller skates or skateboards may sometimes still find it difficult. Nevertheless, here are 10 steps in learning how to ice skate.

  • 1. Check your skates

Unlike when skateboarding or roller skating where they can stop and tie their shoelaces easily, doing so inside the ice skating rink will be harder due to how slippery it can be. Be sure to tie the shoelaces properly and make sure as well, if borrowing skates, that they fit just right.

  • 6. Keep your knees warm

Any skater should keep their knees warmed up again to avoid injuries and to make them work properly. You can warm them by doing some leg stretches and exercises or by simply doing a dip while on the rink before anything else.

  • 2. Finding your balance

Like in any balancing act, do a squat by bending your knees. When you fall, know there is a proper way to get back up. Put your hands on your lap and turn over. Put one foot up between your hands then do the same with the other foot. Finally, you can now push yourself up slowly.

  • 3. Moving

Imagine that you are on a scooter. Put your hands in front as if holding a scooter bar for balance then make slow steps or slides, again as if on a scooter. Next, try doing alternate slides.

  • 4. Practice beside the rails

When practicing all these, it is not like you are automatically get it right. At least when near the rails, you can always hang on to them.

  • 5. Stopping

Try noticing how other people stop. To stop, switch your foot slowly to the horizontal side of the blade to slow down its momentum until you complete stop.

Lastly, always remember to have fun!

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