5 Tips for Learning how to Skateboard

As much as riding a skateboard can be extremely fun, not everyone knows how to ride one. Learning can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 as long as they keep these tips in mind when they first try it out.

  • 1. Wear protective gear.

Since this will be their first time riding on a skateboard, they will have to expect to fall multiple times until they get it to move while being able to balance. When they do, stopping the skateboard is another story and may cause more falls. Better to be protected to avoid any unwanted injuries.

  • 2. Start slow and take time.

Before going out to skate on the streets, pros suggest to start working on their balance first while on top of something soft. It could be grass, or on the carpet. That way, at least their fall would be softer.

  • 3. Pretend that it is like walking.

When they have found their balance and ready to start moving, it can be a lot easier if they change their mentality towards it. Moving with the skateboard could be like walking except that they use only one foot to move while the other rests on the board. They should remember that this is walking, not running, so it would be better to not push the board too far away from them.

  • 4. Stop the board.

Now that they can move with the skateboard, the next thing to learn would of course be braking. For beginners, the easiest way to brake is to drag the board to the ground by placing their foot off the board and thus slowing down the momentum. When practicing, beginners should go slow until they get the hang of braking.

  • 5. Do not get too excited.

At this point, it is easy for anyone to get excited and try out tricks. However, it would be better to master all of the basics first before doing anything advanced.

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